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Air baffles Full-Size

Order No.: 9911893

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version: Full-Size

Order No.: 9911893

EAN-Nr.: 4250558918562

Commodity Code: 73089059

Packs of: 1 set

Delivery Scope: Air baffle plate, assembly parts 

Weight: 0.1 kg

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AMC slots must be populated with an empty card
in order to ensure adequate air resistance. The air
resistance should be adapted to the requirements
of the overall system by the user. In all
cases, it should be sufficiently high to ensure that
the air is forced to flow over active cards into
adjacent slots and does not flow unhindered
through empty slots. The air baffle plate is used to
adjust the air resistance. Up to 2 air baffle plates
may be mounted on one filler sheet. Adjustable air
resistance from 80 – 50 % thanks to removable

Stainless steel

Supply includes:
  • 1 baffle plate
  • assembly parts