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PicoTCA, 19'', 2 U

Order No.: 9911803

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From concept to application


height (mm): 87 mm

width (mm): 482,6 mm (19")

side panel depth: 250 mm

Order No.: 9911803

EAN-Nr.: 4250558918524

Commodity Code: 84714900

Packs of: 1 piece

Delivery Scope: Systemplatform, assemblied, wired and tested 

Weight: 8 kg

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The PicoTCA is a modular 19˝chassis in 2 U design supportingup to 12 AMCs (fullsize, compact) and an MCH (fullsize).The chassis is designed such that communication protocolscompliant with AMC.1 type 4 (PCIe and Advanced Switching),AMC.2 type 4, AMC.2 E2 (GbE) and AMC.3 (SAS/SATA) can all be handled. For SAS and SATA/AMC boards, apoint-to-point connection is realised via the backplane,so that each slot is able to communicate directly with itsneighbouring slots via ports 2 and 3. In the initial version, anMCH (Micro- TCA Carrier Hub) is supported via the backplane.Customer-specific designs and backplanes can be suppliedupon request.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Conforms to PICMG Micro-TCA.0 R1.0
  • Extremely compact readyto-run system
  • Chassis depth of 250 mm for installation in
    300 mm deepenclosures
  • Includes AC/DC power supply
  • Support for up to 12.5 Gb/s
  • Support for different AMC form factors
  • Exchangeable air filters
  • High EMC shielding
  • Robust industrial design
  • Fully assembled, wired and tested. Ready to run

Technical specifications:
  • 19˝, 2 U, 250 mm deep
  • AC/DC power supply, max. 450 W:
− Input voltage: min. 90 V AC–max. 264 V AC with PFC
− Input frequency: min. 47 Hz – max. 63 Hz
− Output: 3.3 V DC/max. 3 A, 12 V DC/max. 38 A
  • Cooling via 2 independent fan trays
  • Backplane and AMC connectors in con:card+ quality from
  • Integrated JTAG connector for debug and test
  • Supports 12 AMCs (full-size, compact) compliant with
    AMC.1 type 4 E2S and AMC.2 type 4 E2S, as well as 1 MCH
  • Weight: 5.9 kg
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +45°C
  • Storage temperature: –40°C to +85°C
Supply includes:
  • 1 rack-mount system 482.6 mm (19˝), 2 U, 250 mm deep
  • 2 fan tray modules with air filters
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 backplane
  • 1 power management board