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Front panels, Handles

Product categories

Connection pin

Covering for lateral open space

Covering for mezzanine-outburst

Door cutout trims for subracks

EMC front panels, hinged

EMC gasket

EMC-front panel as filler

EMC-Front panel as filler, front anodised, back chromated

Flat front panels

Flat front panels for handle Type V and VI

Flat front panels with handle (Type I or II)

Flat front panels with handle Type V

Front panel as filler

Front panel for handle Type III

Front panel hinged

Front panel U-shaped (EMC) for handle Type I, II, IV, IVs and VII

Front panel U-shaped (EMC) for handle Type V and VI

Front panel U-shaped (EMC) with handle Type I, II and IV

Front panel-mezzanine aluminium

Front panel-mezzanine zinc die-cast

Handle Type I and Type II

Handle Type III

Handle Type IV

Handle Type IV, added (8HP)

Handle Type Ivs

Handle Type V, aluminium

Handle Type V, plastic

Handle Type VI, aluminium

Handle VII metal

Handle VII plastic

Identification strip for handle Type V, aluminium


Micro-switch mounting-clips

Micro-switch with cable and plug

PCB holder for front panels

PCB holder Kit

Plastic covers for PCBs

Spacer for mezzanine-cards

Universal holder for front panel support