HeiPac Vario Compact EMC 6U, 42 HP, 225 mm for mounting panel

Order No.: 3687690

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From concept to application


height (he): 6 U

width (te): 42 HP

side panel depth: 225 mm

max pcb depth: 160 mm

electronic connection: backplane

attrachment on: Mounting plate

EMV Version: yes

Order No.: 3687690

EAN-Nr.: 4250558908945

Commodity Code: 76109090

Packs of: 1 kit

Delivery Scope: heitec_product_delivery_scope_value_seitenwaende-abschlussprofile-flansche-fuer-montageplatten-oder-hutschienenadapter-emv-front-rueckplatten-emv-federn-deckbleche-profilschienen-gewindeleis 

Weight: 2.701 kg

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For mounting plates or top-hat rails
  • Compact dimensions in 21 HP and 42 HP
  • Adapter for rail mounting
  • Flange for wallmounting
Material/surface finish:
  • Side panels: 2.5 mm aluminum, clear-chromated
  • Flanges and horizontal rails: Extruded aluminum section, clear-chromated
Supply includes:
  • Side panels
  • rear trims
  • flanges for mounting plates or top-hat rail adaptors
  • EMC front/rear panels
  • EMC gaskets
  • covers
  • horizontal rails
  • threaded inserts
  • insulating strips.
Shock and vibration tested to:
  • IEC 600-68-2-6 test Fc
  • IEC 600-68-2-27 test Ea
HeiPac subracks are based on the system dimensions of IEC 60 297-3.

Technical drawing


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