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HeiSys – the new Embedded System Platform

Powerful. Modular. Multi-dimensionally scalable.

The search for the right edge computing power or a suitable gateway can become a challenge in view of the sheer complex offering on the market. Developers and manufacturers of industrial applications are faced with the decision of choosing the right technology today in order to achieve the desired performance and connectivity tomorrow. Ideally without any technical limitations or incalculable financial risks, for example if retrofits and upgrades should become necessary later.

With the HeiSys, HEITEC uses the possibilities of plug-on technology for a multi-scalable and future-oriented system solution that offers almost innumerable opportunities.

Technical Summary of a Sample Configuration

  • Intel® Core™ i7 (8th gen.) on COM Express module
  • Up to 48 GB DDR4
  • 512 GB NVMe Storage NVMe at M.2
  • Four M.2 slots each with dual micro-SIM for GMS (2G), UMTS (3G), LTE (4G), 5G and GNSS
  • One M.2 slot for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • RS232/422 and CAN
  • Digital I/Os, relay outputs, optocoupler outputs and odometer input
  • 2x Gb Ethernet, 2x USB 3.0 and 2x DisplayPort
  • Full Wide Range DC Power Supply (14.4-154 V) reg. EN 50155
  • Optional AC Power Input
  • Conforming to EN 50155, EN 60068, EN 50121, EN 50561/55024, EN 62368, EN 61373, EN 50153/50124, EN 45545 HL3, CE certification, REACH and RoHS
  • Material: aluminium anodized / varnished

Whether gateway or data centre – with HeiSys, HEITEC offers a flexibly configurable and reliable all-in-one solution for IoT and edge computing based on open module standards.

The most important features of Heisys

  • Modular system platform with standardised interfaces for fast and cost-conscious implementation of your application.
  • Deployment as universal gateway, box PC or edge computer.
  • Individual and quick adaptation to the requirements of your development and target application using modern modular technology.
  • Extensive flexibility and scalable computing power through suitable and proven standard processor modules.
  • Free choice of communication technology for state-of-the-art wired and/or wireless networking.
  • Simple, fast and fail-safe processing of large amounts of data in applications with real-time data processing.
  • Sustainable and economical system development with numerous upgrade and update options in terms of performance and connectivity.
  • Compact, robust and fanless system for a temperature range of -40 to +85 C degrees, which is, inter alia, certified according to EN50155 and can also be used in mobile applications.
  • Conformal coating optionally available.
  • "Innovator of the Year 2020" reader award from the trade magazine Design & Elektronik  
  • In the selection for the "Product of the Year 2021" reader award of trade magazine Elektronik
  • HEITEC is one of the "Best Brands" named by trade magazine elektronik industrie

Awards for HeiSys

Success story

The modular system platform in use as a central computer for rolling stock applications. Among other things, the system can be used as a gateway, a passenger information system, a wireless access point or for diagnostic and monitoring tasks on the train.

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