System solution for energy storage in the automotive industry

Portfolio: Electronics
Industries: Automotive, Electronics


Development of a mobile charging system for a plug-in hybrid vehicle. The project involved an intelligent system for charging electronics that generates the direct current necessary for charging a traction battery via a standard domestic 230 V AC connection.

For the implementation, an extensive list of requirements had to be observed. Strict specifications in the automotive industry also impose stringent demands in terms of reliability, sturdiness, and safety. 


HEITEC developed both the electronics and the chassis technology for this challenging application.

To ensure reliable charging management, a high-performance communications system was included along with the power electronics. To guarantee operational safety, isolation quality also had to be constantly checked and the system monitored to prevent the development of fault currents.

Many different demands were placed on the chassis technology: it had to be not only compact, sturdy, and weather-resistant, but also had to offer sufficient space for all the necessary components while still complying with the customer’s corporate design.

The project was implemented in close consultation with the customer at a number of different locations.


  • Reliable device concept
  • Cost-optimized overall solution
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Powerful system in accordance with customer specifications
  • High functional reliability
  • Rapid project implementation