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From prototype to series production

We use state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly manufacturing and soldering methods to manufacture modules and components for our customers on our own SMT lines. Extensive testing and inspection procedures ensure consistent quality. The spectrum ranges from the smallest PCB in discrete microcontroller, system or chip design with application and communication software on an FPGA to systems for assembly in DIN rail format, industrial PCs in a wide range of formats, and complex, high-availability systems.

Depending on the project requirements in each individual case, we combine our technological skills with our industry-specific expertise to develop the right solutions for you.

We manufacture for you ...

  • Procurement of all components and materials
  • Longevity management
  • Component traceability
  • Screen printing systems
  • Automatic SMD configuration systems
  • Vapor phase soldering systems
  • Reflow soldering systems
  • Selective and wave soldering systems
  • Gluers
  • ESD-protected work stations for manual configuration
  • SMT
  • THT, mixed configuration
  • BGA, µBGA
  • Fine pitch
  • Lead-free (RoHS)
  • Lead-coated
  • Automatic visual inspection
  • Flying probe test
  • Boundary scan test
  • Functional testing
  • Climate testing
  • High-voltage test
  • Critical load test (destructive testing)
  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 13485
  • KTA guidelines
  • NSQ 100
  • Professional packing
  • International dispatch
  • Full export procedure
  • After-sales service
  • Repair service
  • Obsolescence management